Robotic-Assisted Heart Valve Repair or Replacement

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Robotic-Assisted Surgery

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Hybrid Suite

Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

Robotic-assisted heart valve repair or replacement surgery is performed to mend defective or diseased mitral or tricuspid valves.

Innovative advancements in heart valve repair or replacement surgical techniques have allowed this surgery to be performed with the heart still beating and without separating the breastbone (sternum) and ribcage.

How Heart Valve Repair or Replacement Is Performed

Small keyhole incisions (one to two centimeters) are made on the chest, between the ribs. One of the incisions is used to pass a tiny camera, called an endoscope, to allow the atria to be viewed. The other two incisions are used to insert robotic surgical tools. During the operation, the surgeon sits at a console in the surgical suite and monitors the video screens to direct the robotic arms to perform the surgery. 

For a mitral or tricuspid valve repair, the cardiothoracic surgeon repairs the diseased valve. For a valve replacement, the valve is removed and a new valve is sutured into place. Heart valve replacements are made from metal and plastic or from tissue from humans or animals.

Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Heart Surgery

Robotic-assisted heart surgery offers shorter hospitalization, less bleeding, a reduced risk of infection, and a faster recovery.

Each patient's diagnosis and treatment is unique and your physician will recommend the best approach for you. If robotic-assisted heart valve repair or replacement is not ideal for you, heart valve repair or replacement surgery can also be performed as open-heart surgery with a heart-lung machine.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Following the surgery, cardiac rehabilitation is provided in stages to help reduce risk for future heart problems and to make the recovery process faster.