Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement

Leading Joint Replacement Centers

The MemorialCare Joint Replacement Centers offer a unique patient experience for those in need of hip and knee replacements located in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Getting a new knee or hip joint can mean freedom from pain and a fast return to active living. We offer a unique combination of comprehensive, coordinated care – from diagnosis, preoperative education and surgery to personalized treatment, therapy and rehabilitation. Our progressive program is focused on getting you back where you belong – in motion and doing what you love most.

From pre-surgery education to post-surgery therapy and education, joint replacement patients receive quality health care.


Long Beach Memorial Proud Moment: Revolutionary Treatment Gets Mike Back to Catching Waves
Mike Tracy, 52-years-old, had been suffering from excruciating pain when he arrived at Long Beach Memorial. Pain was a part of his life. While working to manage back pain, his physician helped him identify the source of his pain was from his hip. With robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery, Mike returned to his active lifestyle quickly.

Saddleback Memorial Proud Moments

Saddleback Memorial patient, Donna Alford, shares her story about knee replacement.