MemorialCare 55+ offers unique services for patients 55 and older that provides easy access to health and wellness information and other resources. MemorialCare 55+ does not affect your current insurance benefits. 

MemorialCare 55+ Services

MemorialCare 55+ provides patients who are 55 and older with valuable healthcare services that include:

  • Personal liaisons to assist you with your healthcare experience
  • 20% discount at our medical center cafes*
  • 20% discount at our medical center gift shops*
  • 20% discount on over the counter products at our medical center pharmacies*
  • Transportation to and from your MemorialCare appointments*
  • Access to exclusive member events and educational seminars
  • Assistance with your technology needs
  • Personalized Medicare educational resources

*Subject to limits imposed by federal regulation and availability by location.

Events & Education

Meet Our Liaisons