Improve the Health of Your Employees and Your Bottom Line

Business owners, benefits managers and brokers are forced to deal with the challenge of managing expenses while continuing to provide employees with the healthcare options they want and deserve. Every five years since the year 2002, employer premium costs have increased by an average of 28% and employee contributions 32%.

This trend is simply not sustainable. So, what options are available for employers? From our perspective, employers can achieve savings and employee satisfaction by adding a value-based, tailored network health benefit plan to their offerings and incentivizing employees to select it.

Employer & Worker Premium Contributions

That’s where MemorialCare comes in. We provide award-winning, performance-based care to reduce waste, avoid overdiagnosis, and prevent large claims costs to your company. All while improving the health outcomes of your employees.

How We Achieve Results for Your Company

We focus on data-driven performance that incentivizes our providers to continually improve the health of our patients, and we are held accountable to achieve results. Our focus on performance, coupled with our extensive ambulatory network, the largest and most diverse in our region, makes it possible for us to provide the highest quality of health care at a substantially lower cost.

Where, and how, you receive care matters. Below are a few examples of how we’ve become our region's leader in value-based care:

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