Surgical Care

Advanced Surgical Technology

MemorialCare partners with our patients to choose the right surgical option for the best outcomes and quickest recovery. We know that less is more, so our surgeons seek to perform the least invasive approach possible. Our patients trust us to provide the latest technology and great care.

When it is determined that surgery is the best option, MemorialCare offers a range of surgical approaches, from traditional open surgery to minimally invasive surgery. We make your needs and patient safety the top priorities and together we make the right choice.

Traditional Open Surgery

If traditional open surgery is the best option you for, MemorialCare has expert surgeons who specialize in a wide array of specialties. With traditional surgery, a long incision is made in which the surgeon inserts the instruments to perform the procedure. Patient safety is our top priority and for many procedures, traditional open surgery may be the best option for our patients.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

We specialize in minimally invasive surgery procedures and methods. Minimally invasive surgery spares healthy tissue, reduces scarring and bleeding, and accelerates recovery time. Our highly skilled surgeons are trained in a number of minimally invasive approaches, including robotic-assisted surgery, laparoscopic surgery and thoracoscopic surgery.

Robotic-Assisted Surgery

MemorialCare’s expertise in minimally invasive surgery, includes robotic-assisted surgery. Our surgeons recommend robotic-assisted surgery whenever possible because it offers a number of advantages to our patients. With fewer risks and a faster recovery, patients get back to their normal routines quicker than with traditional open surgery.