Heart & Vascular Care

MemorialCare Heart and Vascular Institute specializes in minimally invasive heart procedures. With these innovative techniques, patients benefit from fewer complications, less scarring, greater comfort and faster recoveries. Distinguished as a leading heart and vascular institute.


Weight-Loss Surgery

MemorialCare is proud to offer minimally invasive weight-loss surgery programs. From our highly skilled surgeons, to our patients’ well-being, MemorialCare’s expertise and support structure have one goal in mind–your success. Don’t give up. MemorialCare is here for you.



Obesity occurs when the body has accumulated too much body fat. When an individual’s ideal body weight based on age, gender and height is greater than 30 percent they may be obese. Being overweight may not mean that you are obese. You may be overweight from extra muscles or having bigger bones.