Gynecological Care

Our physicians are experienced in providing gynecological care throughout a woman’s life-time. We specialize in treatments for gynecological disorders, including ovarian and cervical cancer, and non-surgical treatment options for uterine fibroids.


Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure to aid in weight loss. The balloon acts as a “filler” for the stomach so that the patient experiences less hunger and will consume smaller portions while still feeling full and satisfied after meals.


Gastric Bypass Surgery

The Roux–en–Y gastric bypass (RGB) is the most common weight-loss surgery procedure and combines two approaches. First, a small pouch is created by stapling the stomach, reducing the amount of food it can hold.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery or sleeve gastrectomy involves stapling approximately 70-80 percent of the stomach's natural capacity without involving the intestinal tract.



Gastroenterology is the study of the structure, functions, and diseases of the digestive organs and the alimentary canal (the route of nutrition through the body from intake to output). MemorialCare Medical Group’s services include a Digestive Disease Center specializing in gastroenterology.