Cancer Rehabilitation Services at Saddleback Medical Center

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Often cancer treatment or the completion of cancer treatment can leave unwanted side effects requiring rehabilitation. The MemorialCare Cancer Institute at Saddleback Medical Center working in partnership with the Rehabilitation Services at Saddleback Medical Center provides patients the expertise and treatments needed to receive cancer rehabilitation.

The goal of the Cancer Institute and Rehabilitation Services at Saddleback Medical Center is to help our patients get back to independent living and participate in activities they enjoy.  

Rehabilitating You towards Independent Living

The Rehabilitation Services at Saddleback Medical Center is proud to offer outpatient cancer rehabilitation to help you through your journey. Our rehabilitation specialists consist of speech language pathologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists that help you regain strength, mobility and functional independence for conditions that may occur before, during, or after cancer treatment such as: radiation, chemotherapy, and/or surgery.

Common Conditions Treated

Our Professional Therapists

Licensed physical therapists, who are also certified lymphedema therapists (CLTs), teach patients how to effectively manage their lymphedema on an individual basis through one-on-one training.

Licensed speech therapists work intensively with those patients recovering from head and neck cancers aimed at improving a patient’s communication.

Licensed physical therapists and licensed occupational therapists will customize a treatment plan to facilitate each patient’s return to normal activities as quickly as possible.

Receiving Treatment

To see one of our therapists for your care, please ask your physician for a referral to the Rehabilitation Services at Saddleback Meduical Center-Laguna Hills.
Then call (949) 452-7040 to schedule your appointment.

Cancer Care Products

Transitions is a specialty boutique specializing in cancer care products and compression garments.  Our boutique is a valuable resource specializing in quality products along with a certified fitter to ensure a proper fitting of mastectomy apparel, prostheses and compression garments.

Location and Parking

The Rehabilitation Services at Saddleback Medical Center is located across the street from the Laguna Hills Mall with ample parking available — making your visit convenient.

We are located in the black glass building on the first floor.