Join MemorialCare Medical Group Physicians in Opposing Prop 46

Vote No On 46

Join MemorialCare Medical Group Physicians in Opposing Prop 46

Proposition 46 is a costly threat that Californians cannot afford.

The California Secretary of State has certified the Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act of 2014, otherwise known as the MICRA Ballot Measure, Proposition 46 will appear for the November 4, 2014, general election.

Proposition 46 was written by trial lawyers who are looking to profit from medical lawsuits. If Proposition 46 is passed, health care costs will skyrocket due to higher insurance costs. All of us, as consumers, will pay the price in higher premiums. But, the human cost may be even greater - if your physician is forced to pay exorbitant premiums for medical liability insurance, he or she may decide to retire or leave California to practice in another state. If Prop 46 passes, access to high quality health care services may be diminished.

In addition to higher costs and the possibility of reduced access, your personal privacy may be in jeopardy with the passage of Proposition 46. Proposition 46 will force doctors and pharmacists to use a statewide database containing personal medical prescription information for Californians. A mandate such as this will be very difficult to implement and such a database could be vulnerable to hacking and theft. Private information about your health may be subject to computer hacking.

These are just a few of the reasons why a diverse and growing coalition of trusted doctors, community health clinics, hospitals, family-planning organizations, educators, local leaders and public safety offices are urging Californians to oppose Proposition 46. Join MemorialCare Medical Group physicians and vote no on 46 on November 4th.

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