Case Management


Case Management –
One Exciting Benefit of Being an HMO Plan Member!

Case Management; a term with a serious tone! But it is one of the ways your medical group and health plan offer you additional help in making your health the best it can be!

Case Management is a profession of nurses, social workers, and other support professionals that helps with access to and coordination of the care you need. It is personal to you, designed around your health care needs and goals, available to you if and when you could use more support, guidance and advocacy.

People with regular Medicare and PPO insurance plans can get some help from their doctors and office staff, but their time and knowledge of resources for helping you is limited. In addition to cost savings, being an HMO plan member provides you with the assistance you need to navigate the complex waters of today’s healthcare system!

Getting help coordinating your healthcare does not cost anything; no fees or copayments. It is completely voluntary; you can start and stop services at any time. The nurse or social worker works closely with your family doctor to make certain you get the right care in the right place at the time you need it!

If you would like more information, call us at (657) 241-3638 or talk to your family doctor! We look forward to working with you toward your best health!