Please Allow 10 Business Days for Completion

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Webform Needed on Which DomaIn(s):
Please allow 10 Business Days for Completion.
What is Your Webform Type?
Collect Data
Collect data and and ask questions
What type of response do you want for your questionnaire?
Once a choice is made an alert comes up and tells the user if their answer is correct or not
Once the user submits the form and page comes up showing the answers
Place an email address of the person or mailbox you wish to receive notifications of when a person submits the webform.
Drupal website login account needed to view webform submissions.

Webform Fields or Questions Files:

Provide a Microsoft Word document of your webform fields or questions and answers (if needed). Please name the file with the name of the webform. Please upload your file and any support files one of four ways:

  • Our Shared Network Folder
    (\\mcsrv03\Shares\Marketing\Shared Marketing Campaigns\Website Updates\Webforms)
  • Email
    (the link above will email both Carl Spady and Jess Ahl)
  • Box 
    (If you have a MemorialCare box account)
  • HighTail 
    (Be sure to zip compress the file using the name of the provider)
Which method did you use to upload your Word Document and support files.
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