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Use this form for:

  • Simple QR Code without tracking
  • Dynamic QR Code with tracking and analytics (dynamic QR codes can be edited and adjusted even after a QR code is printed)
  • Need one QR code to sense device type or language to direct to a specific page
  • In addition to Delivr analytics, you need Google Analytics
For other web pages or issues, select from below:

Need a QR code for your printed materials or video display.

Please fill out and submit the webform below.

    Please allow 7 Business Days for Completion.
    QR Code Media Type:

    May choose more than one if needed.

    Vector format for printed materials
    Bitmapped format for Microsoft or video display purposes
    Vector format for Microsoft or video display purposes
    Vector format (not recommended)
    Compressed Bitmapped format (not recommended)
    Un-compressed bitmap (not recommended)

    Please check here if you need analytics on this QR code. If so we use the website "Delivr" to track our QR codes.


    This is not the Google campaign name, this is the name you wish to give your QR code on the Delivr website.
    Distinguish campaigns by adding a note that appears on your dashboard but is not publicly displayed.
    Enter words or phrases related to this campaign. Separate tags with commas to quickly enter multiple tags.
    Add this campaign to one or more campaign groups to better organize campaign activity.
    Do you need the QR code to sense OS type or language so the URL can direct to specific URLs based upon these parameters? Let us know if you need the Deliver URL for any digital links.
    Used to identify which ads campaign (over-arching) this referral references. Use utm_id to identify a specific ads campaign. (not required)
    Used to identify a search engine, newsletter name, or another source.
    Service line, event, or slogan. Please be sure that the campaign name is the approved name, please use the same campaign name used for all campaigns that are under this category. If you are unsure, let us know and we will check this for you. (see below)
    Approved Campaign Name:
    This is the overall campaign name.
    Please check for correct campaign name for me.
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    Identify the paid keywords.
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