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Healing Chronic and Non-Healing Wounds

Our Wound Healing centers, offer comprehensive, well-coordinated, quality wound care in Los Angeles County and Orange County, California. If you have a sore or wound that is not significantly better in a month or healed entirely in two months, you should ask your doctor about MemorialCare’s Wound Healing centers. Our multidisciplinary teams of dedicated specialists are experienced in managing complex and limb-threatening wounds. The centers use the most up-to-date approaches to heal wounds and remain current in the latest scientific advances in wound care.

A Multidisciplinary Approach To Wound Care

Practicing a multidisciplinary approach, rather than relying on any one service or therapy, the Wound Healing centers’ physicians and registered nurses perform comprehensive diagnostic evaluations. We then develop an individualized treatment plan incorporating the appropriate services and therapies. These plans are shared with patients’ primary care or referring physicians who remain active members of the wound healing team. To treat multi-system problems, our support service may include vascular evaluation and treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nutritional therapy, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, pharmacy and wound care supplies. Cost-effective care is provided through clinical case management, care coordination and effective treatment protocols.

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Located throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County, MemorialCare-affiliated physicians are locally and nationally recognized in their area of expertise. We've made it easy to find a quality healthcare provider right in your own backyard.

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