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A skin injury or wound can be open, closed or torn. Wounds that are open run the risk of infections and closed wounds can lead to tissue damage.

A soft tissue injury (STI) can occur from a sprain, strain, contusion or overuse of a particular body area where muscles, ligaments and tendons have become damaged.


  • Crush injury/acute traumatic peripheral ischemia
  • Inflamed blood vessels (vasculitis)
  • Long-term/chronic bacterial infections (actinomycosis)
  • Major Burns
  • Peristomal skin irritations
  • Preservation of compromised skin grafts and flaps
  • Progressive necrotizing infections (necrotizing fasciitis)
  • Soft tissue radionecrosis
  • Osteoradionecrosis


  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Cuts, scrapes or puncture
  • Burn