Welcome to MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center. Your clinical rotation is an important element of your development as a healthcare professional and we want to ensure you have what is needed to prepare for your experience. The following is provided for your information. Complete any quizzes or acknowledgements and return them to your instructor or school placement contact who will forward them with your completed student profile to our clinical placement coordinator.

Complete the following training and submit the associated quizzes with your student profile documents:
For students with MHS ID numbers (N number) who will document care, complete the online training for the electronic medical record, Epic.

Instructions for accessing the EPIC EMR online training program: 

  1. Click here to access the training site.
  2. Complete the Login information:
      1. ID = your MHS issued student ID “N” number
      2. Password:  provided by your instructor
  3. Complete the Epic training course appropriate for your discipline.
  4. The course consists of multiple modules. All modules must be viewed before the quiz link becomes available. You may leave and return to view the modules over time, if needed.
  5. To complete the course, open and complete the final exam (quiz) with a passing score.
Student Identification: 

Students must wear their school issued identification badge in clear view at all times while on the Orange Coast Medical Center campus.

Parking at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center:

Print this parking permit and fill in the dates of your clinical rotation. Place the parking permit on your dashboard. Please park in the five-story parking structure, next to the main hospital 9920 Building. You are encouraged to carpool with other students when possible. The garage is accessible from either Foster Street or Brookhurst Street.