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In this video Dr. Nageotte performs a cesarean section to deliver a baby at the MemorialCare Center for Women at Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach.

Arriving for a Cesarean Section

Your surgeon’s office will give you an appointment time for your arrival. Please be sure to arrive at the hospital where you are scheduled to have your cesarean at the given time.

Things to Remember the Morning of Surgery

  • Leave all valuables at home (e.g., money, credit cards).
  • Do not wear any jewelry to the hospital (this includes your wedding ring).
  • Do not wear any make-up (mascara, lipstick, nail polish, etc.).
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • Remove glasses, contact lenses and dentures, prior to surgery.

Things to Expect on Surgery Day

  • First you will be interviewed by a nurse who will take your blood pressure and temperature.
  • After you’ve met with the nurse, you’ll change into your hospital gown.
  • One visitor will be allowed to stay with you while you wait for surgery.
  • Prior to the cesarean section, your selected visitor will be given surgical attire which includes a disposable top, pants, hat and mask. No one is allowed in the operating room unless they are correctly wearing surgical attire.
  • After you have been given anesthesia, your partner will be called into the operating room and will take a seat near your head.
  • Video cameras and still photography are allowed at the discretion of the physician.
  • When the cesarean section is complete, you will be taken to the recovery room for approximately one to two hours. There is no visiting in the recovery room, except for new fathers/partners.

Estimate Out-of-Pocket Cost

We want you to be well-informed in advance about your out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Our cost estimator tool offers you a way to estimate the amount for which you may be responsible prior to receiving services at MemorialCare.

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