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Welcome to the Patient & Family Advisory Council at MemorialCare Medical Group

Partnerships with patients and families are the foundation of excellence in Patient and Family Centered Care, and at MemorialCare Medical Group our patients are valued members of their medical care team.

The empowering relationship of patients, families and health care professionals allows patients to become more aware, and better educated as to how to contribute to their own well-being. Their concerns and opinions are valued and addressed by an innovative health care culture and approach.

To develop and advance team partnerships, the Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is the voice for patients and their family members. Members serving on the council have been patients or family members of patients. From such experiences, council members share their stories, awareness, perceptions and understanding of this collaborative partnership.

Patient & Family Advisory Council Purpose:

To establish a partnership among MemorialCare Medical Group staff, patients and families to ensure there is a collaboration between health care providers, patients and families, and that health care decisions respect and reflect patients’ wants, needs and preferences.

Meet Select Council Members

Click on members’ names to view their personal stories.

Patient & Family Advisory Council Improvements & Initiatives:

  • Collaborates with care teams on the development of policies and programs that serve patients and families
  • Participates in medical group process improvement work
  • Provides input into design and improvements of new and existing medical office buildings
  • Reviews and updates patient education materials
  • Represents the patient voice in various councils and committees
  • Represents the medical group at national and local opportunities

You can either fill out the form online below or you can download the form:

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