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Please use this form to create videos that would place into these page types:

  • Webpage
  • Video Blog Post
  • Campaign Page
  • Location
  • Press Release
  • Service Content
  • Service Line
  • Other
To create or add this video (once you receive the YouTube share link), select from below:

Upload Video Files:

If uploading multiple items, place all items in one folder labeling it the name of the project. If only uploading one item, please name the file with the title of the video. One of three ways to send your video:

  • Our Shared Network Folder (preferred method)
    (\\mcsrv03\Shares\Marketing\Shared Marketing Campaigns\Website Updates\YouTube Videos)
  • Box 
    (If you have a MemorialCare box account)
  • HighTail 
  • Email video download link
Which Method Did You Use to Transfer Your Support Files?
10 Business Days
Create an attention-grabbing video title that includes relevant keywords to the video subject. Keep it short, simple, and descriptive.
Provide detailed information that describes the video content.
If so, list the service line or campaign. 
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