Why I give...

Rita Goshert
Rita Goshert, Clinical Operations Manager
Employee donor since 2010

"I give to Miller Children's Hospital because as a Child Life Specialist I know how important all of the non-medical services like Child Life, Music Therapy, Hospital School, etc are for pediatric patients and their families. These programs are primarily Foundation-funded so by giving I know I can support our philosophy in Child Life that kid's need more than medicine to get well."  

Terolyn Phinsee

Terolyn Phinsee, Sr. Technical & Desktop Services
Employee donor since 2008

"I give to Miller Children's because as a cancer survivor, I know what it means to be a patient who has struggled with the fear and confusion of being diagnosed with an unforeseen illness. This can be extremely overwhelming for a child and their parents. MemorialCare as a whole provides specialized care to guide patients on a path of healing and provides support groups for emotional support."

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