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The ExcelsiusGPS® system creates a surgical plan based on your unique anatomy, guiding the robotic arm to a specific region of your spine, similar to a planned pathway on GPS. The surgeon uses this pathway to accurately conduct spine surgery with the utmost of precision.

Long Beach Medical Center also offers the Excelsius3D™ 3-in-1 imaging platform. Excelsius3D™ adapts to all stages of a spine procedure providing surgeons with a 360° rotation and a 50% larger view. Combined with the ExcelsiusGPS® robotic navigation platform, it provides superior image-guided robotic navigation and is designed to improve implant placement accuracy, lower radiation exposure, and shorten operation times.

Typically, spine surgeries require several types of imaging equipment. However, the Excelsius Ecosystem eliminates the need for that equipment, giving surgeons an all-in-one imaging capability. This means more precise and minimally invasive spine surgery, leading to shorter recovery times and better outcomes for patients.

What can ExcelsiusGPS® Treat?

The system is designed to improve accuracy by using robotics and navigation. ExcelsiusGPS® supports screw placement for a variety of different approaches, including:

  • Posterior Cervical
  • Posterior Thoracic
  • Sacroiliac
  • Posterior Lumbar
  • Lateral Lumbar in the Lateral position

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