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The neonatal intensive care teams of highly trained perinatologists, neonatologists, nurses, therapists, dietitians, lactation consultants and other specialists at MemorialCare are dedicated to saving fragile lives of infants born in need of intensive care.

What does each neonatal intensive care specialist do?

MemorialCare physician partners throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County are widely recognized for excellence in high-risk pregnancies, high-risk multiples and neonatal care.

  • Perinatologist – a subspecialty of Obstetrics, a physician who is specialized in high-risk pregnancies and the care of the fetus that is experiencing complications.
  • Neonatologist – a subspecialty of Pediatrics, a physician who is specialized in the medical care of newborns, especially premature newborns.
Neonatal Intensive Care Team
  • Neonatal Nurse – a subspecialty of nursing, a nurse who is specialized in care of newborn infants born with prematurely or with an illness.
  • Neonatal Therapist – an occupational therapist, physical therapist, or speech-language pathologist who provides specialized and individualized therapeutic interventions to newborns in the NICU to support long-term development.
  • Neonatal Dietitian – a registered dietitian who is specialized in newborn nutrition, they provide individualized nutrient and supplement regimens tailored around feeding methods and immature digestive systems of the newborn.
  • Lactation Consultant – a specialist who provides breastfeeding consultation.

How to find a neonatal intensive care specialist

When you need to seek care from a subspecialist it is a good first step to talk to your primary care physician or your OB/GYN and ask them for a referral to a subspecialist. Perinatologists and neonatologists can be searched in our Find a Doctor physician’s directory.