Ring on Finger
Raymond Anthony Karlovich placing the ring on Cyra Roys’ hand with their newborn baby, Raymond Christian Karlovich.

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the Childbirth Center at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center was filled with tears of joy as Raymond Anthony Karlovich proposed to his high school sweetheart of six years, Cyra Roys, a day after their son was born nine-weeks early.

Roys woke up Sunday, Jan. 22 not feeling well and having concerns with her blood pressure during her pregnancy, she knew she needed to get to Orange Coast Medical Center soon.

“When I woke up that morning and wasn’t feeling well, something told me that I was going to give birth,” said Roys.

She called Raymond Anthony Karlovich to let him know that she was going to the hospital since he was at work at the time. Once Roys and Raymond Anthony Karlovich got to the hospital, Cyra was quickly admitted – their only concern was that their baby was being delivered nine weeks early.

“It was a lot of mixed emotions of excitement, joy, and nerves going on in the moment of being admitted,” said Roys. “I was mostly excited though to see our baby. Even though he was coming early, I knew that our son would be in great hands once he was born because of the great care that Orange Coast Medical Center provided me throughout my pregnancy. As soon as I was admitted the care team at Orange Coast made the whole birth experience very smooth.”

On Sunday, Jan. 22, Raymond Christian Karlovich was born at 31 weeks and had to be admitted to the NICU, where he was cared for by a team of specially trained nurses, neonatologists, respiratory care practitioners, dietitians and lactation consultants specialize in caring for preterm infants.

The next day, Roys held Raymond Christian Karlovich for the first-time practicing Kangaroo Care or skin-to-skin contact, which has proven to have a significant impact on survival and growth rates for infants and can decrease the number of days in the hospital. While Roys was holding Raymond Christian Karlovich, Raymond Anthony Karlovich surprised Roys by getting down on one knee and opening a little black velvet box with a ring.

“I initially was planning to propose to Cyra during her maternity photo shoot in February,” said Raymond Anthony Karlovich. “But when Raymond Christian was born, I just couldn’t wait any longer. I knew after all our little family had just been through that her getting to hold Raymond Christian for the first time seemed like the perfect moment.”

Roys, Raymond Anthony Karlovich, and the Childbirth Center care team were all in tears from the immensely happy moment for the Roys-Karlovich family.

The NICU nurses at Orange Coast Medical Center helped to capture the moment for the family and wanted to make it even more memorable for them by gifting the Roys-Karlovich family with heart-shaped plaques with the words “Love,” “Happy,” and “Family.” Roys and Raymond Anthony Karlovich shared that the hearts will be displayed in Raymond Christian Karlovich’s nursery at home.

“It was one of the happiest moments of my life,” said Roys. “I got to hold my baby for the first time, and he got down on one knee and popped the question. It was so special.”

Raymond Anthony Karlovich proposes to Cyra Roys at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center