Joint Replacement Charter Statement

The MemorialCare Joint Replacement Center at Long Beach Medical Center is committed to providing patients with the highest level of compassionate, quality care in a patient and family centered environment. Our joint center promotes wellness and teamwork among our patients, their families and our specialized health care team. Through skilled and personalized care, we will work together to achieve high patient satisfaction, successful outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

Joint Replacement Education

Joint replacement education plays an important role in achieving successful rehabilitation outcomes. Joint replacement education starts before the surgical journey even begins. Patients attend a joint replacement pre-operation class that is led by the Joint Replacement Coordinator who walks patients through the patient guidebook, answers any questions, tells patients what they can expect and takes them on a tour of the facility.

Patients and their families attend joint replacement educational classes prior to surgery to help them understand what to expect at the Joint Replacement Center. Patients commit to the importance of immediately beginning joint replacement therapy as soon as the day of surgery. The joint replacement education doesn’t stop there, it continues with the joint replacement therapy and post-operative sessions to learn what patients need to do to recover as quickly as possible and how family members/friends can help them get back to their daily activities.

Joint Replacement Rehab Coaches & Group Therapy

Joint replacement rehab coaches guide patients through the recovery process and act as a support system as patients take their first steps toward recovery. Rehab coaches play an important role and provide encouragement as patients get used to their new joint. Patients, coaches, family and friends attend joint replacement educational classes and joint replacement group therapy sessions to learn what to expect and the most effective ways to “Cruise to Recovery.”

Group settings are another key component of the Joint Replacement Center that sets it apart from a typical hospital visit. Patients participate in joint replacement group therapy, have lunch with fellow patients and attend joint replacement educational classes together. Joint replacement rehab coaches are able to participate in every part of the patient’s journey at the Joint Replacement Center.