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Marti’s Closet, at Long Beach Medical Center and Orange Coast Medical Center, gives cancer surgery patients the opportunity to select button-down blouses free of charge. All blouses are gently worn, clean and ready to wear.

Who is Eligible?

Any woman who is scheduled for or who has undergone cancer surgery at any of the MemorialCare hospitals, as well as surrounding hospitals will be helped. No woman will be turned away.

History of Marti’s Closet

After being diagnosed with aggressive Stage II breast cancer in 2014, Marti Johnson opted to have a double mastectomy at the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Medical Center. Marti knew there would be obstacles, but one obstacle in particular set Marti on a path to help future cancer patients.

Marti realized after her surgery, she was unable to raise her arms above her head to dress and undress during her period of recovery. Due to swelling and healing, Marti found comfort in wearing her husband’s button-down shirts. His larger shirts gave her comfort by allowing enough room for drainage tubes. The button-down front gave her ease and independence to dress herself. Subsequently, Marti turned to button-down blouses during recovery.

With the support of her husband and her plastic surgeon, Keith Hurvitz, M.D., Marti met with Cathy Kopy, executive director, MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute, Long Beach Medical Center. Marti and Cathy set out on a mission to help cancer survivors address this issue. The MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute approved Marti’s philanthropic idea and named the mission Marti’s Closet.

Soon, Marti began to spread the word about her plans to provide button-down blouses for women recovering from cancer surgery and received an overwhelming response from the congregation at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Los Alamitos, the church which Marti attends and which graciously donated most of the initial Marti’s Closet collection.

Locations Offering Marti’s Closet