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Clinac iX is a state-of-the-art radiation therapy system that combines advanced medical imaging technology with groundbreaking radiation therapy techniques, creating a comprehensive treatment solution effective for a wide variety of cancer types and locations. It operates with pinpoint accuracy to minimize damage to surrounding tissues during treatment, and its advanced motion tracking capabilities let it deliver radiation to almost any part of the body without the need for uncomfortable braces. Best of all, treatment with Clinac iX is a completely non-invasive procedure – so there’ll be no scars and little-to-no recovery period.

Versatile Treatment For A Variety Of Cancers

The Clinac iX system is a comprehensive radiation therapy device, allowing your doctor to use a variety of methods in your cancer treatment. In addition to being fully capable of the most widely-used therapy delivery techniques, the Clinic system is also equipped with RapidArc technology that allows it to deliver safe, effective treatments in less than two minutes. Clinac iX provides a fast, effective, and convenient treatment for cancers almost anywhere in the body – all without the difficulty of surgery.

Locations Offering Clinac iX