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We are pleased to announce that MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center has acquired the Orange County CyberKnife and Radiation Oncology Center, which is now the MemorialCare Cancer Institute – Radiation Oncology at Orange Coast Medical Center. While you will notice a change in the name and visual identity, the Memorial Radiation Oncology Medical Group physicians and care teams and location have not changed.

Our mission continues to be to help our patients battle cancer by providing the best possible outcomes. We work with you to develop the best cancer treatment plan using the latest clinical evidence and the most advanced non-surgical therapies. We firmly believe that no matter how serious the outlook, there’s a way to provide the best quality of life based on your personal condition.

Our team of internationally renowned cancer specialists have years of experience battling cancer of every type and stage, and we employ the latest technology and most effective, innovative treatments in the field. We know how arduous the battle may look now, but with dedication, support, and the help of our expert specialists, we can provide the best non-invasive cancer treatment available in Southern California.

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