FAQs for Blood Donation

How long does the appointment last?

Please allow one hour for your first appointment, and 45-min for appointments thereafter.

Is a doctor's order required?

No. For this type of donation, simply call our Blood Donor Center for an appointment and let us know the name of the patient. We do the rest.

Once a donation is made when will the blood be available for the patient?

Three business days. We require three business days for testing purposes.

How long will the blood be available for the patient?

35 days. At that point the blood will be released into the general blood supply – unless otherwise specified. Blood is viable for 42 days.

Does the donor need to know their blood type or the patient's blood type?

No. All the blood typing is done by labs at the medical centers. Our lab specialists will determine if the blood is a match and designate it for the patient.

What if the blood type does not match?

The blood is placed into the blood bank for replenishment of blood used. The patient is ALWAYS guaranteed to get the blood he/she needs and the donated blood will be used for other patients.

How often can a donor donate?

Donors can donate every 56 days (2-months).