Running Cancer Free

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A father of three daughters under the age of 12, Josh Snyder decided to get back into shape to keep up with his young family. He started running a couple times a week and after about a year and a half, he was running up to five miles. One day he noticed blood in his urine. He had no pain or other symptoms so he brushed it off until he noticed blood again about a month later.

At the urging of his wife Denise, he saw his primary care physician Lowell Kleinman, MD who ordered an ultrasound and CT scan and referred him to urologist Erik A. Pasin, MD. Dr. Pasin performed a cystoscopy to take a look at his urethra and bladder where he discovered a tumor. It was removed at Saddleback Medical Center, (where two of Josh’s three daughters were born), and sent to the laboratory that confirmed it was a highly aggressive cancerous tumor. At the recommendation of Dr. Pasin, Josh underwent a cutting-edge procedure at USC Norris Cancer Center in Los Angeles. Josh’s bladder, prostate, seminal vesicles, 41 pelvic lymph nodes, portions of his ureters and a portion of his urethra were removed. Then a “neo bladder” was built out of two feet of Josh’s small intestine and sewn into a pouch that now serves as his bladder.

Josh did not undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments as it was determined that the rest of his tissue was cancer free. He continues with follow-up doctor’s visits and maintains his healthy lifestyle while enjoying life with his beautiful wife and amazing three daughters. 

Josh credits Dr. Kleinman for not ignoring his symptoms and for being so thorough, and is very thankful and appreciative of the expertise of Dr. Pasin and his genuine concern for Josh’s well-being.