Baby Docs Sell Out Dizz’s As Is Event to Raise Over $16,000


Saddleback Memorial Foundation hosted the 17th annual Dizz’s As Is fundraising event in Laguna Beach on October 5. The sold-out event raised over $16,000 (net) to benefit women and children’s services at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center.

In a perfect role reversal, physicians affiliated with The Women’s Hospital at Saddleback Memorial acted as the wait staff, personally serving the hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, entrées and desserts to approximately 80 guests. Hugo Folli, Vice President of Ancillary Services, took on the role as bartender for the evening.

Grateful patients and owners of Dizz’s As Is, the Pitz family, opened the restaurant’s doors for the 17th consecutive year for this event, where guests sported their favorite comical T-shirts.

The fun and laughter reached a new level when Saddleback Memorial Medical Center CEO Steve Geidt stepped up as live auctioneer. His humor at the helm helped drive the basket prices up during the auction, which brought in more than $12,000 for women’s and children’s services.

“This year, we really outdid ourselves,” said Geidt. “We always have a great time with this tight-knit group — it brings out everyone’s generosity for a wonderful cause, and the competition to outbid each other is fierce.”

A three-course dinner to be hosted by Mary O’Toole, M.D., and Anne Marie Raffo, M.D., at the Raffo residence, got the highest bid of the night, at $2,200.

Among the guests were recent grateful patients Brian and Monika Dowd. Brian Dowd thanked the team, who saved the lives of his wife and baby during an emergency C-section earlier this year.

“Because of the NICU, tonight we have a baby to go home to,” said Brian Dowd.

Saddleback Memorial Foundation President Cecilia Belew loves the casual atmosphere at this one-of-a kind event, where most of the attendees have known each other for many years and are close friends.

“The community of Saddleback Memorial is amazing,” said Saddleback Memorial Foundation President Cecilia Belew. “We receive support from grateful patients like the Dowd and Pitz families, as well as our physicians. We see how the physicians develop a personal connection to their patients, and how lives have been touched. The Foundation is thrilled to support these relationships created through extraordinary moments of care.”