As COVID-19, across the world and in the U.S., continues to be a concern, we are taking measures to ensure our patients, visitors and staff are not subject to unnecessary exposure. To allow patients to stay home and prevent the increased risk of infection and prevent them from using other video-based services that could disrupt continuity of care, we have implemented a platform for HIPAA-compliant video visits.

COVID Advisory - Waivers and Updates

Video visits are not limited to COVID-19 related issues – they can be used for any patient that could benefit from avoiding an in-person visit.

Who is eligible for a video visit?

All patients are eligible and we are leaving it to the providers’ discretion, but we are specifically encouraging higher risk patients, such as those with co-morbidities and our senior population.

Please scrub your schedule to determine the visits that can be converted to video.

How does this work?

Providers: you will capture clinical documentation within Epic or in your practice's EMR – use the Video Visit visit type (if available) to ensure appropriate billing or assure your biller codes these visits with the place of service "02." When it is time for the telehealth appointment, you and your patient will both log in using a personalized meeting code, activate your phone and video and begin your visit. You can find tip sheets, billing instructions and more here:

Cornonavirus Telehealth Policy Fact Sheet

Language Line Interpreter Services Contact Information

Patients: MemorialCare Medical Group patients must have a myChart account for secure email communication, as well as a smart phone or tablet with video capability.

Telehealth etiquette and workspace guidelines

Video visits should be treated the same as an in-person visit and conducted in a HIPAA-compliant workspace. Remember you are on video and the patient can see you, so continue to look professional with no distractions. There is a telehealth etiquette tip sheet here:

Telehealth Etiquette Tip Sheet