As COVID-19 continues to be a concern around the world and in our community, MemorialCare is taking measures to ensure our patients, visitors and staff are not subject to unnecessary exposure. To allow patients to stay home, prevent the increased risk of infection, and ensure continuity of care, MemorialCare encourages its Affiliated Physicians to utilize a platform that can provide HIPAA-secure video visits. The MemorialCare Medical Foundation has been deploying this for its primary care affiliates through Zoom, and we have developed tools for this platform based on our experience with it.

Zoom licenses are currently available month-to-month for $200 per practice for up to 10 licenses. We have created tip sheets on signing up for Zoom and for implementing Zoom-based video visits in your practice, if you don’t have a platform of your own and want to consider this for your practice needs.

Although all independent practices are responsible for their own billing compliance, we have created guidelines that we can share to help ensure appropriate billing, regardless of the video platform your practice ends up using.