Are you and your family prepared for when an emergency or disaster strikes?

When an emergency or disaster strikes, your priority will be your family and loved ones... as it should be. During a crisis, until we know that those dearest to us are safe, how can we effectively give anything else our attention? However, as members of the MemorialCare team, we play a critical and invaluable role in supporting our communities during a disaster. Truly, the lives and health of thousands may depend on us and our ability to quickly focus on serving our communities. So, your personal emergency preparedness is essential not only to your family’s safety, but to your peace of mind and ability to serve others. We can’t do it without you. We’re ready when you are.

Below are personal emergency preparedness articles with information to help you prepare at home. We hope that you will find these articles both easy to follow and very effective, in preparing you and your loved ones for the best response possible to a real disaster situation. Remember, awareness and preparedness will save lives.

Personal Emergency Preparedness