Purpose of the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship:

The Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship at Long Beach Medical Center teaches the primary care physician to work with a team in a dynamic environment. Adaptability and commitment are required to provide the quality of care expected in this comprehensive training program. The fellow will continue to work in a primary care setting while obtaining additional focused experience with a Division 1 university, Action Sports Industry, and the local community. The experience will be centered on providing a point of care diagnostics and becoming a confident specialist.

Overall Educational Goals of the Program:

The Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship at Long Beach Medical Center consists of seven areas of concentration:

1. Ambulatory Sports Medicine Clinic
  • Ambulatory sports clinics reflect the knowledge required to perform in an outpatient setting. Knowledge and experience are acquired through hands-on procedural training and direct patient contact in various sports medicine clinics. Focus is given on developing knowledge commensurate with a Sports Medicine Specialist and to provide care consistent with what is expected of a consultant in this field.
2. Team Physician Responsibility
  • The fellow will be responsible for the comprehensive management of athletes at various levels of ability. This experience includes pre-participation evaluations, acute injury management, event coverage, return to play decisions, and interfacing with coaches/athletes/family members/trainers/media. The fellow is also required to act as Medical Director and assist in event organization/planning for multiple events.
3. Sports Medicine Didactics
  • Journal Club
  • Literature Reviews (Netters, clinical consult, etc.)
  • Exercise Physiology lab at Long Beach State
  • Procedural training
  • MSK Ultrasound
  • Board review
  • Sports EKG training and testing
  • Splinting/casting
  • Wellness curriculum
4. Operative and Clinical Orthopedics
  • Longitudinal orthopedic experience with adult and pediatric orthopedics
  • Surgical cases are offered and encouraged for the fellow to assist if desired
  • Orthopedic electives include hand/wrist, foot/ankle, and spine
5. Sport-Specific Training and Improvement
  • Motion capture Lab at Long Beach State for swing/stroke analysis
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certification for Golf Swing Analysis
  • Alter-G treadmill experience
  • The fellow will also have some degree of flexibility to tailor their sports interest once all program requirements are met. Fellows are encouraged to consider electives such as Ski/snowboarding rotations or other sport-specific experiences based on their area of interest.
6. Scholarly Activity
  • The fellow is required to complete a scholarly activity. This may include case reports, grant proposals, original research, authoring book chapters or review articles. The fellow is expected to attend the AMSSM annual conference and encouraged to submit for presentation.
7. Continuity in Family Medicine
  • The fellow will maintain at least one-half day per week in primary care.

Team Event and Coverage

Cabrillo High School FootballCabrillo Jaguars
  • Sideline coverage
  • Pre-participation physicals
  • Return to play protocols
  • Acute injury management
Long Beach StateLong Beach State University
  • Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s and Women’s Water Polo
  • Men’s and Women’s Golf
  • Men’s and Women’s Indoor Volleyball
  • Men’s and Women’s Track and Field
  • Men’s and Women’s Cross Country
  • Men’s Baseball
  • Women’s Softball
  • Women’s Soccer
  • Women’s Tennis
  • Women’s Beach Volleyball
Cypress ChargersCypress College
  • Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  • Women’s Water Polo
  • Men’s Golf
  • Women’s Indoor Volleyball
  • Men’s Baseball
  • Women’s Softball
  • Men’s and Women’s Soccer
  • Men’s and Women’s Tennis
  • Women’s Beach Volleyball
  • Men’s Swimming and Diving
Vans Pool Party
  • Elite invite-only event for industry pro’s and legends
  • Provide sideline medical coverage for professional skateboarding in a uniquely informal atmosphere
Sean White Air and Style
  • Big air snowboarding competition associated with a music festival
  • Provide sideline medical coverage to professional athletes while working with an elite team of professionals
SoCalDirt.org High School Mountain Biking LeagueSoCal Dirt
  • Mass Participation event organization and coverage
  • over 2000 athletes
  • Multiple races available

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