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Early embolectomy therapy of pulmonary embolism can potentially reduce the risks of serious adverse events such as cardiopulmonary deterioration and death. Traditional anticoagulation therapy does not dissolve clots (only prevents them from getting bigger) and can take months for complete resolution. There is a lack of effective and safe catheter therapies that can remove a large amount of clot. The CAPERE® Embolectomy System is designed to safely and effectively remove large clot burden without the use of thrombolytics or aspiration, thus fulfilling the need for a rapid and safe treatment modality for acute pulmonary embolism. While other currently available devices require longer ICU stays and multiple treatment sessions, the CAPERE® Embolectomy System is designed to achieve clot retrieval with one (1) treatment session. The CAPERE® Embolectomy System is being studied to evaluate the clinical safety and efficacy under an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE).

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