A car accident is the last thing you'd want to be in while expecting, but that's exactly what happened to Shannon at 28 weeks pregnant. Worse yet, immediately after the car hit her, she started to feel contractions. A labor and delivery nurse for Saddleback Medical Center, Shannon was well aware that the contractions could spell trouble. Luckily, fetal monitors detected contractions even she couldn't feel, and she was given medication to get them to stop. However, she would have to return to the emergency room five more times, even being hospitalized on bed rest for a week, to prevent her from going into labor. With the help of fetal monitors and her experienced healthcare team, baby Camryn was born healthy at 35 weeks in May 2011. She spends her days being adored by mom, dad RC, and big brother Colin, 6, while her cuteness melts the hearts of all who meet her.