Katayoon and her husband Shaheen were thrilled to find out she was pregnant with twins in April 2010. But at just 17 weeks, she had a feeling something was not right. At the doctor's, she was horrified to learn she was already dilated 3.75 cm. She knew the situation could be quite grave, but her doctors did not give up.

Katayoon had a procedure done and was put on strict hospitalized bed rest to save her babies. The Women's Hospital at Saddleback Medical Center became her new home for 96 days. In that span, the Saddleback Medical Center nurses became her family, she said, even surprising her on her birthday with gifts and flowers.

She describes their care as "amazing, amazing." She still stays in touch with the nurses, sharing the latest news of her son, Kaveh, and daughter Kimiea, who were born preemies, but healthy, at 30 weeks in November 2010. Today, the one-year-old twins delight their parents each day, thanks to the boundless dedication of Saddleback Medical Center physicians and nurses.