Bob Joy with Nurse Renee Calip
Bob Joy and nurse Renee Calip reunite on Feb. 23, 2022.

It’s been nearly five months since Bob Joy has last seen MemorialCare Long Beach Medical Center registered nurse Renee Calip.

In October 2021, Bob was experiencing severe abdominal pain due to complications in his gastrointestinal tract. He went to the emergency department at Long Beach Medical Center and underwent emergency surgery. During post-surgery, Bob was taken care of by Renee, who went above and beyond to provide exceptional care for him. Bob’s post-surgery care required multiple intravenous lines which can be painful and require vigilant attention. Renee and her clinical colleagues did their absolute best to make sure that his 10-day hospital stay was more comfortable.

“Every time Renee walked in the room, I felt a sense of relief because I knew she was going to help take some of the pain away. She would adjust the IVs or my position or the bed, and eventually it became manageable,” said Bob. “Renee’s attitude and spirit were constantly positive. I couldn’t have gotten through that time without her.”

Boy Joy's Letter to Renee Calip
Bob Joy’s letter that he wrote in gratitude to Renee Calip, R.N.

After Bob was discharged from the hospital, he knew he wanted to thank Renee somehow. Extremely appreciative of the care that he received, Bob decided to make a gift to the hospital in her honor.

Bob worked with the MemorialCare Long Beach Medical Foundation and the hospital to do something special. At Renee’s suggestion, and with the help of other donors, the hospital was able to purchase massage chairs and set them up in break areas throughout the hospital for all medical staff to enjoy.

“It’s so nice to take a moment from the stress of a day and sit in one of the massage chairs,” said Renee. “Thanks to Bob, we have these chairs and it’s the perfect way to recharge.”

Boy Joy at LBMC
Bob Joy enjoying his time with Renee Calip, R.N., testing out the massage chairs that MemorialCare Long Beach Medical Center received through his generous donation.

On Feb. 23, Bob Joy and Renee Calip reunited for the first time since Bob’s hospitalization. The two were able to test out the new massage chairs and Bob was able to thank Renee for all she had done. The day the two were reunited, Bob was also able to watch Renee get surprised with The DAISY Award, a top recognition given to extraordinary and compassionate nurses.

“I was extremely impressed and super thankful for the passion Renee had in taking care of me,” says Bob. “I know that I wasn’t the only one who was given such outstanding care and attention, so I wanted to show not only my thanks but the thanks of the countless patients that she’s taken care of.”