Steven Lee

Throughout 2019, Steven Lee donated blood 23 times. Just one shy of the maximum number of donations anyone can make in a year. His reason for doing so was simple, “I am able to do it, so I feel like I should do it. That’s just my own personal feeling.”

Steven tries to donate at the Blood Donor Center at Long Beach Medical Center and Miller Children’s & Women’s at least twice a month. Qualified donors can donate blood, plasma and platelets. Each has its own purpose, but all are equally important. Steven first began by donating blood, but now he donates platelets too.

The donations received play a big role in saving the lives of patients at Long Beach Medical Center and Miller Children’s & Women’s. Blood is always needed for many patients that are in the hospital. Some may need it due to trauma caused by an accident, while others may need blood because they are undergoing surgery or transfusions. Blood plasma donations can be used during emergency situations to help stop bleeding, those who are blood type AB can donate plasma to anyone, no matter their blood type. Blood platelet donations can be used for patients that are being treated for cancer through chemotherapy, undergoing an organ transplant or patients facing life threatening illnesses. Regardless of what you donate, donors save lives.

Steven is a former construction worker, so he knows the importance of a hardworking team and the difference a good team can make in the final product. The same goes for the team at the Blood Donor Center. Steven says that the team makes the process of donating very easy. “The team here is very helpful. They’re probably the nicest people I have ever been around.”

Being surrounded by a team that is helpful and friendly is part of the reason he chooses to continue to donate. The Blood Donor Center honors its top donors by adding their name and photo to a wall. At the top of that wall is Steven Lee. As a thank you for his generous donations, he received an honorary plaque.

Steven topped the list by donating 23 times in 2019, but there are plenty of other heroes on this wall who are not far behind. The numerous contributions made by other donors is inspiring. Donors make a difference in the lives of their community. For Steven, helping others is what it’s about. “When you donate, you’re helping save lives. That’s what we’re put on earth to do, to help each other,” he says.

The Blood Donor Center at Long Beach Medical Center and Miller Children’s & Women’s is committed to supporting the community’s constant need of blood supply through its donation programs. Generous donations from donors allow the center to help save lives of patients. The team is trained to ensure each donor has the best experience possible while donating. For more information on how to schedule an appointment, call (562) 933-0808.