Start your month off right by taking the time to give back and have a real impact in your local community. Donating blood is a free and easy way to make a difference in the lives of others.

Why You Should Donate

The blood supply at MemorialCare Long Beach Medical Center and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach is always in need of critical support due to an influx in hospital visits and a surge in emergency department and trauma incidents during the weeks surrounding peak holiday seasons.

Long Beach Medical Center and Miller Children’s & Women’s are designated trauma centers and treat adults and children who suffer serious and life-threatening injuries. Both hospitals rely heavily on adequate blood supply.

Together, the hospitals go through more than 1,000 units of blood every month in lifesaving procedures. If we do not receive enough donations and drop below adequate blood product supply levels, we have to purchase blood products from outside organizations. Blood donors help us save resources and lives.

Who Can Donate?

The Blood Donor Center at Long Beach Medical Center and Miller Children’s & Women’s is always in need of new and eligible donors.

Anyone 17-years-of-age or older, in good health, and weighing at least 110 pounds can donate blood, platelets and plasma. You are encouraged to have a healthy meal and drink plenty of fluids before your donation.

For safety reasons, your appointment will include a medical history questionnaire, as well as a brief physical to ensure that it is safe for you to give blood and as to ensure the safety of patients. Your blood will also be screened and tested, and you will be alerted if any irregularities are found.

The whole process takes less than an hour of your time and is totally painless. After your donation, you’re invited to relax and enjoy a light snack and refreshments before continuing with your normal schedule.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Many blood and platelet donors donate regularly and even organize blood drives. Donors like “Chuck” Buchanan and Stephen Alvillar, represent champion donors who make a difference through platelet and blood donation.

To schedule an appointment to donate blood, platelets or plasma, please call the Blood Donor Center at (562) 933-0808 or schedule online.

Learn more about the blood donation process, and how you can make a difference in your local community through blood donation or through organizing a blood drive.