Instead of relying solely on outside interventions such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, immunotherapy empowers  the body’s natural immune system to recognize, target and destroy cancer cells.

At the MemorialCare Cancer Institute at Orange Coast Medical Center, personalized treatment plans often include some form of immunotherapy. Every treatment plan is developed by a team of highly skilled medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, oncology surgeons, researchers, patient navigators and other specialists who meet on a regular basis. During these treatment planning conferences, every cancer case is reviewed in detail and clinical trial options are considered, if necessary. This multidisciplinary team gives patients access to specialists’ opinions and offers hope through the promise 
of more personalized, effective treatment options.

“This new approach is being used to treat several types of cancers, usually in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation,” said Amol Rao, M.D., medical director of oncology research with MemorialCare. “As a result, we’re seeing improved outcomes and a lower risk of relapse.” 

Community access to cancer research and clinical trials

Immunotherapy: Arming the Immune System to Fight Against CancerIn addition to cutting-edge treatment, the MemorialCare Cancer Institute is comprised of highly skilled oncologists, specialists and physicians who value scientific research and data – evident by the nearly three dozen oncology trials that are currently open. 

A leader in cancer research, the Institute is even a prequalified community-based provider for the Tempus Integrated Molecular Evaluation (TIME) Trial™. Available to all MemorialCare patients, this system uses artificial intelligence to analyze a patient’s molecular and clinical data in real time to match them to an existing clinical trial, allowing them to begin a trial within 14 days. Nearly two-thirds of cancer patients do not enroll in clinical trials due to lack of access at the community level.

“We aim to ensure that every patient who needs or wants to participate in a clinical trial, has local access here at the MemorialCare Cancer Institute,” Dr. Rao said.