Gilda CroneGilda Crone, 68, of Costa Mesa had limited mobility of her right knee for some time, making it difficult to walk, go down steps and go about her daily activities.

“Gilda had severe osteoarthritis,” said her orthopaedic surgeon, Ryan Fan, M.D.  “She had undergone a long period of conservative treatment. She had taken medications and tried physical therapy. She had arthroscopy as well, but she continued to have pain and she was very limited in her function and activities of daily living, so we talked about the options and because of her severe arthritis, we decided to proceed with total knee arthroplasty (total knee replacement).”

Once the surgery date was set at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center, Gilda said she appreciated the efficiency, follow-through and professionalism shown by the staff who kept her updated on what to anticipate before, during and after surgery.

“(The Orange Coast team) let me know everything … I knew what to expect,” Gilda said.

At the Joint Replacement Center at Orange Coast Medical Center, teamwork, communication and exceptional patient care are a top priority. The center includes some of Orange County’s most experienced physicians who have dedicated their expertise to creating a joint program that improves the quality of life for people with severe or debilitating joint disease. The program’s advanced technology and exceptional track record translates into faster recovery with lower infection rates and fewer complications.

In November 2021, Gilda had the total knee replacement surgery. Dr. Fan removed the arthritis on both sides of her right knee and placed a metal implant on both Gilda’s femur and tibia, with a spacer in-between.

After her surgery, Gilda, like other joint replacement patients at Orange Coast Medical Center, was provided a private room for recovery and was up and walking with the help of a therapist that day. This is important to help reduce the chance of a blood clot.

“The therapists, everybody was fantastic,” Gilda said. “I felt like I was at the Wynn Hotel. Someone told me lunch will be served shortly. I just thought they would plop down a tray. She came in and asked me what I wanted to eat and gave me choices. I said, okay, somebody wake me up (from my dream). Then she asked me what I wanted for dessert. Everything was action.”

Gilda said she felt she was being heard and the staff was there to help whenever she needed anything during her two-night stay at Orange Coast.

(The team) listened to me. I didn’t have to advocate for myself. (They) were all forward thinkers.

Gilda was especially impressed by the physical therapists at Orange Coast Medical Center who came in twice a day to walk with her after surgery.

“When the physical therapist came in, I went walking 20 to 30 steps front and back” Gilda recalled. “It wasn’t something so daunting that I would be in too much pain or feel too wobbly because she held onto me the whole time. Again, very attentive.”

Gilda CroneAfter going home and continuing her physical therapy, Gilda’s mobility has improved a lot.

“I can walk further, I can do a lot of things,” Gild said. “I go shopping. I still have my driver drive me to physical therapy. Short distances of less than a mile away, I’ll do that.”

After seeing Gilda, Dr. Fan said she was doing very well.

“I’m very pleased with the way everything turned out and the care she got (at Orange Coast Medical Center),” Dr. Fan said. “It’s always good to get good feedback from the patients after surgery.”

Because Gilda also has shoulder trouble and cannot raise her right arm, she will have shoulder replacement surgery and said she would not think about going anywhere else for surgery but Orange Coast Medical Center.

“I only wanted to come to (Orange Coast Medical Center),’ she said. “You guys were so wonderful that … I knew I would be taken care of.”