Severe knee pain is an ailment that as many as 20% of adult Americans endure. There is an array of conservative measures such as icing and stretching, medication and physical therapy that can help. When those methods fail or you feel your quality of life and ability to carry out daily activities has been impacted, surgical intervention is a logical next step.

Orange Coast Medical Center has one of the most sophisticated joint replacement programs in Orange County. The MemorialCare Joint Replacement Center at Orange Coast Medical Center offers a full spectrum of care for all joint replacement needs to provide long lasting results. Our expert orthopedic team includes leading orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and patient navigators who provide exceptional patient outcomes by incorporating advanced technology and individualized treatment plans.

MakoRobotic-Arm Assisted Surgery, which is offered as an option at Orange Coast, is a groundbreaking technology which allows orthopedic surgeons to perform total knee replacements, partial knee replacements and hip replacements with exceptional precision and accuracy.

The Mako System uses a CT scan to record each patient’s unique anatomy and to develop a 3D virtual model of their unique joint. The surgeon uses the 3D virtual model from the CT scan to evaluate the patient’s bone structure, disease severity, joint alignment and even the surrounding bone and tissue to determine the correct size, placement and alignment of the new implant. During the procedure, Mako provides real-time data to the surgeon, allowing them to assess the movement and tension of the new joint and adjust the surgical plan if necessary.

The MemorialCare Joint Replacement Center at Orange Coast Medical Center provides leading joint care offering pre-operative education to prepare you for surgery, exceptional surgeons utilizing leading surgical technology and rehabilitation specialists to facilitate and optimize recovery. Our surgical patient nurse navigators recognize patient education plays a crucial role in the treatment and recovery process and offer their support throughout the knee replacement process. Learn more about this process.