Blue Light Cytoscopy
With Cysview, the cancer cells glow bright pink, so doctors know the exact location for treatment during a cystoscopy.

Once again, charitable donations are making it possible for our patients to receive the most advanced treatments available.

Foundation funds have helped purchase Cysview, a special pharmaceutical product that makes invasive bladder cancer tumors glow bright pink under blue light during a cystoscopy, so doctors can treat it.

During a cystoscopy, a doctor examines the lining of the patient’s bladder. Blue light cystoscopy illuminates cancer cells so they are more visible, improving early detection and removal of early-stage bladder cancer. This advanced approach to detecting non-muscle invasive bladder cancer is intended for patients suspected of having the disease.

Results show that the Cysview is clinically proven to better detect bladder cancer cells that are missed by traditional white light cystoscopies.

Saddleback Medical Center is the only hospital in south Orange County to offer this technology to patients.

This is the perfect example of how charitable gifts can translate directly to better patient care. When we can help purchase cutting-edge technology, doctors have the latest tools to treat our patients. Having the Cysview at Saddleback can help save lives.

Christy Ward, President

Saddleback Medical Center Foundation