While surgery is looked at as the last step in a patient’s care path, patients should never delay surgery – especially if their quality of life is greatly affected. For those who do require spine surgery, MemorialCare Long Beach Medical Center offers the most advanced navigation system with increased accuracy and imaging capabilities – The Excelsuis Ecosystem.

Many people worldwide suffer from spinal injuries or chronic back pain, that if left untreated, can result in further injury and prevent them from doing what they love. If too much additional damage occurs, surgery may be required.

The First part of the Excelsius Ecosystem is ExcelsiusGPS®, the only technology that combines a robotic arm with full navigation capabilities into one adaptable platform for accurate alignment in spine surgery. This helps preserve surgeon control while improving screw accuracy and procedural time. Benefits of this technology include shorter hospitalizations, less post-operative discomfort, and improved satisfaction.

The newest advancement in the Excelsius EcosystemExcelsius3D™ – is a component that serves as an advanced X-ray system. Surgeons use the 3D portion of this technology to get better high contrast scans of the patient’s anatomy. Excelsius3D™ combined with the ExcelsiusGPS® robotic navigation system provides a superior intraoperative, image-guided robotic navigation solution designed to improve implant placement accuracy and lower radiation exposure.

Spine surgeries usually require several types of imaging. The full Excelsius Ecosystem uses a combination of ExcelsiusGPS® and Excelsius3D™, providing an all-in-one imaging system to prepare the surgeon before surgery and guide them during the surgery. The surgeon uses the plan created by the system to guide the robotic arm to a specific part of the spine and follow the predetermined path, like following a GPS. Surgeons can view live images during the procedure to be sure the robotic arm is following the path. The surgeon then accurately places the implants with surgical instruments.

This facilitates a more precise and a more minimally invasive surgery, translating into shorter recoveries and better outcomes.

The care team at the MemorialCare Spine Health Center at Long Beach Medical Center is composed of an integrated group of specialists, nurses and surgeons that provide surgical solutions for patients suffering from orthopedic issues, spine injuries and spine disorders. This diverse team of orthopedic experts work together to identify and treat each patient’s unique condition. This streamlined collaboration between care team members, progressive treatment options and innovative technologies helps to ensure that patients receive the best care and surgical outcomes.

To learn more about ExcelsiusGPS® at Long Beach Medical Center, visit memorialcare.org/SpineSurgery.