Women Supporting Women

Beauty In Grace is a women’s giving circle in south Orange County created to support women at Saddleback Medical Center. Our members demonstrate the beauty of philanthropy and carry themselves with grace to improve the health of women in our community.

List of Women's Health Services and Programs

Why Join

We’re seeking outstanding women who share our vision and understand the power women have when we stand with each other for causes we are passionate about. We understand that as a group, we can be stronger and make a bigger impact. Together we can also build a diverse network, ranging from professionals to stay-at-home mothers, who lift each other up.

The Cause

In just three years, Beauty In Grace has made a significant impact on women’s services at MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center. 

In our inaugural year, this women’s giving circle helped fund breast MRI equipment for diagnostic screening and biopsies. In 2018, we purchased NicView video streaming equipment for the NICU, so parents of preemies could see their babies on a smartphone or tablet when they couldn’t be at bedside. In 2019, we funded cryoablation equipment and a blanket warmer for the Breast Center, which freezes fibroadenomas and early-stage tumors. 

In just three years, membership gifts of $1,000, pooled with others, have totaled $206,000! We are tangibly making a difference in how we care for women at Saddleback Medical Center. 

This year we will help Labor, Delivery, Recovery & Postpartum (LDRP) purchase the following:

Bilirubin Testing Units
These noninvasive monitors screen newborns' bilirubin levels transcutaneously (on the skin), so the baby doesn't have to be pricked for a blood draw.

Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator
LDRP has seen an increase in high-risk pregnant mothers who need cardiac monitoring when admitted to the hospital. This transport monitor can be carried from room to room when needed.

The Commitment

We are asking all members to make an annual gift of $1,000. By pooling gifts of this size, the group can more substantially impact the women’s issues relevant to them.

The Luncheon

Members gather annually at a beautiful luncheon to hear how membership gifts are touching women's lives at Saddleback Medical Center. This year’s appreciation luncheon will take place on February 4, 2020, at Montage Laguna Beach, and will include networking, socializing and an inspirational speaker.

Beauty In Grace Founding Circle (L-R): Cecilia Belew, Saddleback Medical Center Foundation President; Nora Evans, M.D.; Mary O’ Toole, M.D.; Jane Frederick, M.D.; Cathy Han, M.D., Beauty In Grace Chair; Laurie Louie; Barbara Victor, M.D.; Diane Libertella; Wende Ludas; and Dawn Levine

Beauty In Grace Members 2020*

Ada Baker
Anouchka Balog
Lisa Becht, MD
Cecilia Belew
Sandy M. Benson
Joni Boranian
Tammie Brailsford
Melissa Bush, MD
Brandi Cassingham
Melissa Centeno
Linda W. Chan, MD
Lily Chen, MD
Rena Chin
Meghan Clem
Donna Clervi
Sarah Cleveland
Amy Cosper
Heidi Cough, MD
Shawn Cunningham
Karen Deck
Lisa Dow
Nora Evans, MD
Resa Evans
Michelle Fajardo, DO
Julie Featherstone
Pam Fortmuller
Penny Fosheim
Jane Frederick, MD
Ginger Geidt
Michelle Giardini
Anita Glasser
Patty Glover
Catherine Y. Han, MD
Young H. Han, MD
Christine Huff
Erica Hutchison
Jan M. Johnson, MD
Sara S. Kim, MD
Jenny Klein
Christy Koperek
Debbie Lambert
Cindy Latin
Joan Lautenschleger
Dawn Levine
Diane Libertella
Laurie Louie
Gayle Luciano
Wende Ludas
Carol J. Lullmann
Marcia Manker
Susan Masaki
Kim Massoudi
Vivian Mendoza, MD
Susan K. Munden, MD
Molly Naglie
Ruth E. Niebuhr
Norene Norris-Walsh, MD
Colleen M. O'Connor
Mary O'Toole, MD
Pam Pellizzon
Pat Perkowski
Ann Marie Raffo, MD
Susie Roof
Diana V. Schlesinger
Bebe Shaddock
Catherine H. Shitara
Heidi Stoops
Rita E. Tayenaka
Merry L. Tetef, MD
Nita Tewari, PhD
Elaine Tiber
Grace Todd
Michelle L. Tom, MD
Georgia Tunstill, MD
Saghi Valencia
Barbara Victor, MD
Ellies Watanabe
Mary Ann Wilkinson, MD

*As of January 23, 2020
For more information, please call (949) 452-3724.