What are the use cases for a MemorialCare Virtual Clinic?

  • Provide remote locations such as schools, nursing homes, home care facilities, clinics, employee work sites, urgent care facilities and pharmacies with a comprehensive turnkey telehealth solution.
  • Get a quick and easy consult with your provider.
  • Send exam data to electronic medical record for continuity of care.

What are the benefits of a MemorialCare Virtual Clinic?

  • Improve patient care
  • Reduce unnecessary visits to in-person urgent care and ER
  • Improve load balancing for urgent cares
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Reduce cost
  • Less wait time and get care when and where you want it

MemorialCare Virtual Clinic FAQ

What will a patient need to use MemorialCare Virtual Clinic?
  • You will need a fully enclosed private office that is sufficiently soundproof and quiet to allow patient privacy and HIPAA compliant medical exams. In addition, the office should have sufficient lighting. In addition, the location must have access to an encrypted internet access for the purpose of telehealth medical examinations, diagnosis, treatment and education. Lastly, you will provide 70% isopropyl alcohol to sanitize the device and surrounding high-touched surfaces. Employees may use our patient instruction guide to help get started.
  • They will need a myChart account and access to your MemorialCare Virtual Clinic.
How can a patient sign up for a myChart account?

They can visit our MemorialCare myChart website at mymemorialcare.memorialcare.org/mychart/SignUp to sign up. If you run into problems during the process, contact our care team at (657) 241-4444, option 2, and they will be happy to assist you.

What exams can be performed using MemorialCare Virtual Clinic?

A MemorialCare Virtual Clinic visit provides our provider with high-quality digital sounds of the heart and lungs and high-quality digital images and video of the ears, throat and skin, and it measures heart rate and body temperature. Using this examination data, our provider can provide a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription, if needed.

Is MemorialCare Virtual Clinic similar to the exam tools used by doctors in an office?

Yes, MemorialCare Virtual Clinic includes an otoscope (ears), stethoscope (heart, lungs and abdomen), basal thermometer and digital camera (skin and throat) and is designed to provide your healthcare provider with the same type of examination data he or she would use in the office. The MemorialCare Virtual Clinic stethoscope was cleared by the FDA, and all other devices comply with FDA requirements. MemorialCare Virtual Clinic devices have passed multiple performance bench tests versus comparable devices to ensure quality results.

What conditions can be diagnosed with MemorialCare Virtual Clinic?

MemorialCare Virtual Clinic can help a healthcare provider diagnose and treat many common conditions, including ear infections, sore throats, fever, cold and flu, allergies, pink eye, nausea, constipation, asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, bug bites, and common skin conditions, including contact dermatitis, rash and diaper rash.

Who do I contact if I’m having problems with setting up my device?

Our virtual health ambassadors are more than happy to walk you through this process. They can be reached at (657) 241-4444, option 1, or you can email the team at [email protected].

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