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Cancer Rehabilitation is designed to provide you optimal outcomes for daily living. You will receive specialized one-on-one care from our physical therapy staff and be immersed in a culture of healing, education and motivation.

Cancer Rehabilitation May Include

  • Individualized exercise programs to treat cancer related fatigue.
  • A complete selection of physical therapy services addressing orthopedic concerns, pain relieving therapies, and balance training.
  • Assistance in returning to functional activities including work, sports and recreation.
  • Lymphedema management including manual lymph drainage massage, compression bandaging, garment selection, skin care and exercises.
  • Breast cancer rehabilitation:
    • Treatment for shoulder motion and strength.
    • Education in reducing the risk of developing lymphedema.
    • Compression garment and clothing consultation.
    • Treatment for axillary web syndrome or cording.

Exercise and Therapy Are Key

Cancer rehabilitation seeks to provide individualized exercise and therapy programs for cancer-related symptoms. Exercise is used as an adjunct therapy for cancer treatment-related symptoms. The program addresses deficits in range of motion, muscle strength, endurance, soft tissue mobilization, gait characteristics and balance.

Benefits of Exercise

  • Exercise reduces muscle weakness associated with chemotherapy.
  • Cardiovascular exercise reduces fatigue and helps maintain function and energy during chemotherapy.
  • Exercise boosts immunity by increasing the number and effectiveness of the body's immune cells.
  • Strengthening and endurance exercise maximize and prolong independence.
  • Walking and gentle exercise with weights improve bone density.
  • Exercise can decrease treatment-related and cancer-related pain.