Advantages of Prescription at Discharge

We offer fast and convenient services to have your prescriptions filled.

Easy, fast prescriptions in your hand

When discharging from our hospital, Saddleback Medical Center Pharmacy offers every convenience for your transition home. Prior to your discharge your prescriptions are delivered to your room or available for pick up at our pharmacy.

Our staff work side-by-side to coordinate your discharge needs, including addressing medication instruction and any insurance issues.

Start your medications without delay

Ask your physician or nurse to send your prescription scripts to Saddleback Medical Center Pharmacy. Once your prescription(s) are filled, your bedside nurse will notify you.

Our pharmacy accepts most insurance plans, all major credit cards and personal checks. In the event, you do not have your insurance card; we will contact your regular pharmacy to obtain your insurance information. Please note, prescription costs cannot be added to your hospital bill.

Prescriptions delivered to your doorstep

As a service to our community Saddleback Medical Center Pharmacy also provides local prescription delivery services for a nominal fee. Payments for delivery service are accepted via credit card only.