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Computed tomography (CT scan) technology uses X–rays and complex computers to create cross–sectional “slice” images of the body. Each image provides detailed views of anatomy at the specific location or slice, including bones, soft tissue, brain, organs and blood vessels.

CT technology has grown substantially in its relatively short history. Scanners are faster and more anatomy can be scanned in a shorter time. Advanced scanners are comfortable for the patient, and software development enables leading-edge imaging techniques to be performed.

MemorialCare offers state–of–the–art CT scanners which enable our physicians to diagnose with exceptional confidence. Along with speedy and accurate test results, the patient experience is comfortable and quick.

How CT Scan Works

Computer-axial tomography is a diagnostic tool which uses X-rays to generate detailed images of "slices" of the body. In a CT scan, the patient lies still on a table while the X-ray source and sensors/detectors rotate around the patient, and the table moves horizontally. Thus, X-ray data is collected from multiple angles. Computers process the X-ray data in order to generate detailed, composite images of the relevant “slices” of the body.

Advanced Technology

  • High-speed 64-slice CT Scanner – A state-of-the-art multi-channel spiral CT that allows imaging of the body within a single breath hold. The Lightspeed 64 has increased our capacity allowing patients to get next-day or same-day appointments. It is specifically designed to minimize patient radiation exposure and the amount of contrast required.
    Offered at:
    Orange Coast Medical Center
    Saddleback Medical Center – Laguna Hills & San Clemete.
  • Toshiba's Aquilion ONE Dynamic Volume CT System – Commonly referred to as a 320 slice CT, the Aquilon One is a computed technologic device that utilizes 320 ultra-high resolution detector rows (0.5 mm in width) to image an entire organ in a single gantry rotation. This technology allows physicians to detect and treat life-threatening diseases at its earliest stages.
    Offered at:
    Long Beach Medical Center

Types of CT Scans

Different types of CT scans are offered at specific imaging center locations, some include:

CT Scans Can Help Diagnose

  • Tumors in internal organs, particularly brain tumors
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Effects of head injury
  • Infection of the brain, such as encephalitis
  • Lung cancer

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