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Vascular disease is a disease of the blood vessels. When blood vessels are working as they should, blood moves through an intricate system to supply the organs, limbs and muscles with the right amount of this vital fluid. The circulation system also carries toxins to organs that eliminate them from the body.

The Vascular Surgery Program at the MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute (MHVI) at Long Beach Medical Center cares for a variety of vascular diseases, including narrowing of the arteries, aneurysms in the chest or abdomen, blood clots, varicose veins, as well as rare vascular conditions.

Vascular surgery is a surgical sub-specialty that treats disease of the vascular system, arteries and veins, including the aorta and other blood vessels throughout the body.

When appropriate, MHVI uses minimally invasive techniques to treat vascular disease. Catheters insert wires into a vessel to open it up, as in stenting, or even repair or replace it, rather than traditional open heart surgery. Minimally invasive surgery has fewer complications, less scarring, greater comfort and faster recovery.